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港男十八式完整版 : 18 Stratagems of Hong Kong Men

Recently I watch Hong Kong TVB Drama Series called, “回到三国 : Three Kingdoms RPG”


No. of eps: 25
Year of broadcast: 2012
Kenneth Ma as “Sima Shun”
Raymond Lam as “Chu Got Leung”
Tavia Yeung as “Song Yau”
Joseph Lee as “Lau Bei”
Ruco Chan as “Chow Yu”
Sharon Chan as “Siu Kiu”
Cheung Wing Hong as “Fan Gen”
However this is the main part which caught my attention.
Kong Nam* Sap Pat Sik
18 Stratagems of Hong Kong Men 
  1. 装假狗
    Jong Ga Gau
    Fraud or pretender
  2. 搏大雾
    Bok Dai Mou
    Taking advantage of the misty condition.
  3. 起尾注
    Hei Mei G
  4. 执死鸡
    Jap Sei Gai
    Be a shameless opportunist
  5. 揼波钟
    Dam Bor Jung
    Waste your eopponent’s time by prolonging it
  6. 揸流摊
    Jar Lau Tan
    Doing a task with so-so result and not serious.
  7. 放飞机
    Fong Fei Gei
    Avoid appointments
  8. 爆阴毒
    Pau Yam Duk
    Spread negative untrue rumours about others
  9. 食住上
    Sik Tzi Seung
    Seek your opponent’s weakness and walk all over him
  10. 屈尾十
    Wat Mei Sap
    Lay a trap and blame your opponent
  11. 蚀头注
    Sit Tao Ju
  12. 挍 烂脚
    Ngau Lan Geuk
    Be very persistent
  13. 走精面
    Jao Jeng Min
    Avoid responsibility
  14. 顶硬上
    Ding Ngang Seong
    No matter the hardship, just do it!
  15. 搲烂面
    Wear Lan Min
  16. 侧侧膊
    Chak Chak Bok
  17. 抛浪头
    Pau Long Tau
  18. 扮死狗
    Ban Sei Gau
    Never be too ashamed to beg