10 Tips for Successful Relationship

Thanks Juli for sharing these tips. It will be great survival guide for those who just started and for those whom already deeply in love.

No matter how this guide works in the end you must be faithful and devoted to your love ones. It will be worthless if you just follow the tips but you are seeing someone. Do remember this phrase correctly and reflect yourself when temptation comes in.

“What comes around, goes around. You’ll definately will taste your own wrath”

Click this Link to see the whole tips.

For now, I am perfectly guided. I learn from my previous partner and they really wakes me up from dreaming. They treated me so real but I am too blind and dumb to broke their heart. I am sorry is all I can say and I wishes them to have someone who able to follows the tips above and also my advice. Devoted and Faithful.

For now, I appreciate my new journey with Syin and Giving My Best for I know that the best is yet to come. When it comes I will blog a higher level tips to success.

Happy Learning

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