Are you in Love or is it just Infatuation?


Lust, simply is Infatuation. It is purely physical attraction. Friendship that develops into desire for each other is Love.

Infatuation is like those fast food packages, which you get in the market. It looks oh-so-delicious but has little nutrition value. Love is like homegrown, homemade food… which you take care right from the time it grows on your farm and then go all the way. You have your emotions, feelings and caring nurturing it every day.

Love is the mature acceptance of imperfection.
Do you know all his/her shortcomings and still find him/her attractive emotionally, intellectually, and physically?
Nobody’s perfect, we are all humans not Gods; but of course you don’t have to accept everything…we are all
different people with different expectations…there are a few adjustments you can make and some you simply cant!

When you are truly in love, long distances do make you want to be near each other but that doesn’t lessen
your love for each other. Infatuation on the other hand makes you look for some other excitement in place of the one you have. Infatuation lacks confidence. When he/she is away, you doubt if he’s cheating. Sometimes you even play the detective and check! Love is trust. You feel calm, secure and so sure of
yourself. Both of you feel that trust and it makes you respect and love each other even more than ever.

Love grows from friendship. You are friends and then you become lovers. Infatuation might lead you to do
things you’ll regret later, but remember love never will.

Love makes you look and think up. It makes you want to be a better person than you are now. So, think about it…

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