Fact of Life : What the f… ?


P/S: This post is from my old blog. I would like to elaborate more and some of it is added extra from the original.

It’s very disturbing for me when I see someone is not facing the fact of life. Many of them are depending too much of the ALMIGHTY GOD! Honestly tell me how you can communicate with GOD if you are not a 100% devotee and religious? No WAY at all…

Recently I am all exhausted and kind of sick for someone keep telling me about future is being decided by ALMIGHTY GOD. If you are a Christian you should know that God will not DECIDE your future but He will bless your chosen destiny. Come on! I am not even Christian and I had already understood that philosophy.

If YOU decided to dishonest and disloyal to your loved one, please don’t use the words “God’s Will”. It never His will but it’s your own influences and anxiety. Everything is being influenced by something else.

IF everything follows the laws of physics, nothing can happen any other way, and since we are merely a complex mass of molecules and energy; it can’t happen any other way else. Everything had happen one way only, and is a reaction to something else.. Then the future must be set and unchangeable even by the illusion we know as choice…

Then WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE? Would there be one? Why should there be, we can’t alter the future anyway, it’s all happening the only way it can..

If God DECIDE your fate in the future, why not you just sit back and wait for GOD to shape your future so you can enjoy the process.

I am not here to bash this type of person but I am doing all this to give you a little GUIDANCE and don’t be naïve and giving me stupid reason. I am TIRED already and my hope is getting grey. Why ask for help while you still able to do it all yourself?

Just the same as my love affair that caused too much pain for me to endure anymore. It’s all started with a simple observation and even a layman would felt the differences.

My supporting story…


It stated “The husband had been suspicious about his wife when she became cold towards him and started neglecting their children for the past month.”

Those who been in this kind of situation before should understand how it felt when your loved one had found another companion, and for those who had not been in this situation at least you can felt the rage about the unfaithfulness and disappointment of the lovers.

I used to think I know everything about LOVING FOREVER AND EVER but after a several attempt of experience; I lost!.. I lost the ability to understand it again… I had a girl-friend that tells me “If you LOVE someone, set them free. If they come back, they are yours. If they don’t, they never were…” I used to think about this, is so true but it never for now anymore. Guess that my so called “KNOW EVERYTHING” actually is just my own ASSUMPTION.

The fact is… You do what you felt happy regardless of what others think is wrong. Nothing is wrong if you felt is worthy and nothing is right if you do it just to pleased others.

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