My Life as a Professional Paintballer


P/S: This post is from my old blog. I would like to elaborate more and some of it is added extra from the original.

Today I am a Professional Paintballer in Malaysia but too bad I am still in Division 3. There is much factors that I need to consider before moving up to the Professional Pro-Am level. .

Here is my story..

My first paintball exposure were at Taman Desa TAG Paintball playing indoor “REC Field” ( Will tell you more in the next post ). TAG Paintball is a multi-level car park bay with barrels, board, tables and tyres as stronghold. The invitation from my friend,mD, were kinda last minute thingy. Since I wanted to play since the first paintball introduce and available in Malaysia ONLY at Bukit Tinggi, I don’t care so much bout being last minute call up or so.. The group consist of my secondary friends, I seriously meant 8 of them were my senior and 1 of them were my junior but he had migrate to US for good (that’s Siao Kia). We got 1 box bullet (aka pallet), a gun (aka Marker) and a protective mask. The girls had an extra to wear VEST but too bad for guys are covered with only thin cotton layer. I personally enjoy the game very much. We even talk about it after the game. The game cost me around RM 110.

From this moment, I start to learn more about this game and found out that this is not a “fun game” but recognise as a sport in US and many other country. The first place landed me to get invovle into paintball and become a PRO today is RASKAL LEGION. This is an organisation formed in Malaysia and now throughout the whole world there is at least a team bearing the name “RASKAL”.

Lurking through the website and forum, HERE I found Team Tornado and that’s where it leads me to now. A part of Professional Paintballer Community. ‘;’ type=’text/javascript’>

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