Nokia N95 Wireless Adventure – Kuala Lumpur

Discover the SOUL of Kuala Lumpur at

I’ve signed up for  this competition by looking at the giving prizes and oppurtunity to learn more about my hometown, Kuala Lumpur. What’s more the prizes are a brand new Nokia N95 ALL-IN-ONE mobile stylo.. kochi… cool.. awesome… saliva drooling mobile phone and ALL EXPENSES PAID TRIP TO EUROPE!!! You heard me right… TRIP TO EUROPE!!!

This excites me as the adventure is going to be take place in heart of Kuala Lumpur starting off around Golden Triangle together with one local celebrity and man at camera. It gives me the imaginary of something like Amazing Race. CooL!!

So.. I signed up like the others… Answer some questionaire online and play some games then complete the team registration details and slogan. Guess what!..

My team name… FAITH & COURAGE (Hahhahahaa.. Been very inspiring when I use these as my fortification to earn winning glimpse of the judges)

Here I attached a team photo with some photoshop skilled..


And then I receive an auto-response from Nokia Malaysia itself thanking me for signing up the contest.


TODAY I receive a phone call from Mr RAY, representative from Nokia (M) Sdn Bhd informing me that my team had been selected into the the final audition before I could be on the run for the prizes and the adventure. Seriously I AM OVERJOYED when I heard this from Mr Ray. He said I just need to bring along my IC for verification and IMPRESS the judges to get into TV and the RACE. This is my first time succeed in public contest for audition to be participate in such event.

Thank you Father for answering my prayers. I knew it will happen to me.

What I should do? What I need to do in the audition? Oh! Gosh… this is all so thrilling and mind blowing.

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